USS Pharaoh

Meaning of the word “Pharaoh”

‘Pharaoh’ is the name we use today to describe the rulers of ancient Egypt.
‘Pharaoh’ is actually a Greek word that is based on an Egyptian word that meant ‘great house’.

When this word was first used, it referred to the palace and its greatness, not just the ruler himself. However, later in Egyptian history the title ‘Pharaoh’ meant ruler.

The use of this term as a way of referring to the king is dated by some scholars to about 1400 BCE and by others from 950 BCE onwards.

The Pharaoh was thought of as the son of the god of the underworld, Osiris, ruling on Earth and acting as an intermediary between gods and men.

He was the religious, civil, and military leader of Egypt.

[Revised 2.2389]