USS Pharaoh

Observation lounge/Conference Room – deck 1

Located on deck one, and accessible through the two doors either side of the Master Systems Display at the back of the main bridge, is the Observation Lounge or Conference Room. This is an area where duty officers meet to discuss and analyze current situations and needs, and can evaluate how to proceed, relaying all available information to the Presiding Senior Officer.

The room is designed the same for all Sovereign class ships, but individual ones can be decorated slightly differently.

There is a large, slightly curved main briefing table which can seat up to 10 individuals – see above image – and a large display screen on the adjacent wall to show images relevant to the briefing. A replicator can be found at the left side of the above image, just barely visible, and there is a turbolift access door to the right.

The five images above show different angles, including the large view through the windows, which is to the rear of the ship (first and second images). It also shows how the main briefing table is illuminated – this is because lighting in this room is kept slightly darker to enable a good, clear view of the main display, and also out of the windows. The main computer display is shown clearly in the fourth image, with extra, smaller displays either side of it. In the fifth image, the door to the main bridge can just be seen on the far right.

Here is a short video sequence showing the room from all angles: