USS Pharaoh

Pharaoh bridge

Located on deck 1, the main bridge is the heart and command center of the ship. All primary systems can be accessed from here, and it is constantly manned.

Below is a schematic of the bridge on the Pharaoh:

At the back of the bridge, either side of the Master Systems Display, there are two doors which lead to the Observation Lounge where crew briefings are held:

Either side of the main view screen at the front of the bridge are two more doors. One leads to an EVA airlock and bridge head, and the other is the Captain’s Ready Room:

Either side of the doors at the back of the bridge are two turbo lift doors. These allow crew to enter and leave the bridge area. There are replicators on the bridge, as well as the ship dedication plaque. The dedication plaque of the Pharaoh reads: