USS Pharaoh

Tactical systems

The Sovereign class U.S.S. Pharaoh is a state-of-the-art modern starship, and one of its many roles is in defence of Federation citizens, worlds and ships. It would also be required to defend itself if making contact with potentially hostile new races.

To facilitate this role, the Pharaoh is equipped with four main types of weapons – photon, quantum and transphasic torpedoes, and main phasers.

Main ship phasers

The Pharaoh possesses a total of 16 mk. 12 phaser emitters. There are 9 on the dorsal side (highlighted in yellow):

and 7 on the ventral side:

The range of the main ship phasers is 300,000km, but as these are energy weapons, they can only be used when the ship is still, or travelling at sub-light velocities.

For deployment of weapons at faster-than-light velocities, the Pharaoh uses one of three types of torpedo. The Pharaoh is equipped with a total of 10 torpedo launchers, all of which can be used to fire any type of torpedo. There are 4 facing forwards, one of which is a double-tubed launcher, and 4 facing rearwards, also one of which is a double. The forward launcher on deck 13 can be angled 30 degrees in either direction, as well as firing forwards. Forward facing launchers are found on decks 3, 8, 13 and 23, with torpedo storage on decks 4, 8, 13 and 23. Aft facing launchers are found on decks 2, 14, 19 and 25, with torpedo storage on decks 3, 14, 19 and 25. Two of the Pharaoh’s tube launchers (one fore, one aft) can be used as either a pulse-fire tube, releasing one torpedo per second, or as a rapid-fire tube, which can fire at a rate of four torpedoes per second. All torpedoes can reach a range of 8 million km.

Photon torpedoes

These are projectile weapons, and as such can be used anytime, including when at warp. Photon torpedoes use shaped charges of antimatter that, when they come in contact with conventional matter or hard energy barriers, release massive amounts of gamma ray photons, hence the name. The explosive output yield of a mark 6 photon torpedo is set at 25 isotons, but can be adjusted up if required.

The Pharaoh carries 500 photon torpedoes.

Quantum torpedoes

These projectile weapons utilize a zero-point energy reaction to create a 50+ isoton explosion. Current quantum torpedoes give an explosive yield of 52.3 isotons.

The Pharaoh carries 300 quantum torpedoes.

Transphasic torpedoes

Again, a projectile weapon, the transphasic torpedo was a very powerful weapon brought back in time from the early 25th century by Admiral Kathryn Janeway. These torpedoes were designed specifically for use against the Borg, and a single transphasic torpedo is capable of destroying a Borg cube.

The transphasic torpedoes work by delivering a subspace compression pulse existing in an asymmetric superposition of phase states. If one subcomponent of the pulse is blocked by shielding, enough others will still succeed in penetrating to the target to ensure that the majority of the pulse is still delivered. Each torpedo’s transphasic configuration is different, randomly generated by a dissonant feedback effect, so there is no way for the Borg to predict the configuration of its phase states in order to shield against them.

The Pharaoh carries 50 transphasic torpedoes.

Phaser cannons

The Pharaoh is also equipped with two phaser cannons. These are powerful phaser emitters that fire a rapid pulse of phased energy, and can be used to punch through shielding that is particularly tough for the main phaser strips. They can also be angled 30 degrees in both directions, and therefore cover a large area. The Pharaoh has phaser cannons on deck 12 (fore) and deck 22 (aft).